About Us

We’re looking for the very best psychic readers for one of the busiest psychic telephone services in the UK.

Launched in 2010 Psychic Sofa has grown rapidly to become the busiest psychic resource in the UK. We connect thousands of people every week to the very highest standard of intuitive psychic readings. Through us you can start your own business from home, earning money doing what you love. As a self-employed agent you can earn as much or as little as you choose. We pride ourselves on our professionalism within the industry, weekly revenue shares to our self-employed agents and full time support to guide you through every step of the process.

RJ Media recognise the importance of maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our freelance Psychic & Tarot providers. To this end, our in-house Psychic & Tarot support team continues to assist our growing number of freelance Psychic & Tarot providers throughout the country. Our aim is to continually grow the service and bring more people online.

From the UK we promote our service across the world in countries such as Ireland, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand with even more international markets on the horizon. It is with this continued expansion, coupled with our reputation for excellent professionalism why we have a base of loyal readers who continue working alongside us, who love the customer base we have, and the support we always strive to offer our readers.

Testimonial from One of Our Readers


I have been a freelance agent for Psychic Sofa since they first launched, and Psychic Sofa are continually growing and offering more and more reasonably priced services, and we are always given the opportunity of using any other skills that we may have to enhance a customers reading.

Psychic Sofa is really flexible and we can log-on at hours to suit ourselves. I started off logging on a few hours in the evenings and some hours of a weekend as I was a single parent and I had a full time job. This sort of work was far more rewarding than my day job of over twenty years and I took the brave step about two years ago to log-on for Psychic Sofa full time and this was definitely was the right decision for me. If you are a single parent, have a family to work around and want to help people and need something to fit around your circumstances then logging on for Psychic Sofa is the place for you.

One of the nicest of things is the appreciation of customers shown in the testimonials that you will receive, and if you are having an "off" day, re-read them and it will certainly cheer you up!

- Angie

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