Testimonials from our readers

I love working with Psychic Sofa. They are so supportive and their client base is wonderful. I love the fact that you can see what you are earning as you work and that you get paid weekly. This is a real boost. - Sarah Wolf

Working with Psychic Sofa has been a great experience. The staff are friendly and supportive and there is no pressure to do more hours than you can manage. As someone with a full time job - who also enjoys reading tarot - I find it particularly helpful that I can pop on and off without anyone hassling me. I have been fortunate to read for so many wonderful people in the short time I have been on Psychic Sofa, and I look forward to it continuing. - Vanessa P

It's been great working with the Sofa due to having flexible log on hours so I can work around my lifestyle. I have been with the service for almost 4 years now and still enjoy it.

Over the time I've worked for Psychic Sofa there has been no pressure or set log on times. They allow us to log on whenever we choose and don't force a night shift, which is one of the biggest perks along with receiving my revenue share weekly.

It is also a very busy line and always looking to grow. The best service I have ever worked on. - Abby

I have been a freelance agent for Psychic Sofa since they first launched, and Psychic Sofa are continually growing and offering more and more reasonably priced services, and we are always given the opportunity of using any other skills that we may have to enhance a customers reading.

Psychic Sofa is really flexible and we can log-on at hours to suit ourselves. I started off logging on a few hours in the evenings and some hours of a weekend as I was a single parent and I had a full time job. This sort of work was far more rewarding than my day job of over twenty years and I took the brave step about two years ago to log-on for Psychic Sofa full time and this was definitely was the right decision for me. If you are a single parent, have a family to work around and want to help people and need something to fit around your circumstances then logging on for Psychic Sofa is the place for you.

One of the nicest of things is the appreciation of customers shown in the testimonials that you will receive, and if you are having an "off" day, re-read them and it will certainly cheer you up! - Angie

I joined Psychic Sofa in 2011 and have never looked back. I couldn't see myself doing this anywhere else, and with the service being so busy I made this my main source of income shortly after joining the service.

The customers are lovely, the support team is great, and I can do it as much as I want. That's all I need. - Bev

I have been working with Psychic Sofa since it started and couldn’t begin to explain how rewarding it is for me personally. To me there is nothing better than knowing you have helped improve someone’s life.

Providing readings here for so long I have gained so many valued regular customers. I have one lady who is even including me in a book she has written on how she has changed and improved her life.

On top of the amazing feedback you will receive from customers, the other great thing about Psychic Sofa is they will never pressure you to log on, they appreciate our self-employed status. Also the combination of great rates and the fact it is a very busy service make the earning potential excellent. - Rose